Rules, a work in progress.

1. Be safe.

2. Have fun.

3. Obey all rules of the road and rules of any event you are participating in. If you are DQ'd from any single series event you can be DQ'd from the entire series.

4. Registration is open for the series from Feb 1, 2019 until July 4th. You must register to be scored. It's free to enter( thanks to our sponsor Saro Cider)

5. Podium Bonuses- any podium at any event in the series earns 15 for first, 10 for second, 5 for Third. Top 4 event scores only. Highest podium position at an event taken only. ( If you are first in one category and second in another then only the 1st place points count).

6. 20 starting points for each event you sign up for and start. 4 events max. Any length of event has same points.

7. 30 finishing points for each event you start and finish. 4 events max. Any length event has same points.

8. 10 bonus points for each completed series event beyond the 4.

10. 50 points for volunteering at a series event. (Must have event promoter sign off that you actually volunteered - they will be happy to, all of them can always use the help.)

11. Additional 10 bonus points for volunteering at more events than the 4.

14. Podium places for series:

Top 3 male riders - based on race points only

Top 3 female riders - based on race points only.

Top 3 Junior riders - based on race points only

Top 3 volunteers - based on volunteer points only.

Top 3 overall - combined points for all points earned

Ties will be broken on the day of by a game of chance.

12. New for 2020 is the Gravel Citizen award. Special recognition of exemplary members in the gravel community. Can be a rider , group, or business. For a single act or a body of work. Nominees will be named and winner announced at GW. Nominees should be in attendance if at all possible as all nominees will be recognized.

Anyone can submit an application for nomination for any person, business or group. Nominees will be selected from applications and voted on by the series race organizers. Applications for nominees must be received by August 1st. The application should include the name of the nominee (hopefully contact information for how we can get ahold of them) and a brief pitch as to why they should be nominated. It's more fun than serious.

16. For the TTT there are 3 separate scores. Time placement-50 , Trash quantity-50 and combined placement -50. Riders receive points in all three categories. Males , females and Juniors are scored separately for the speed portion but no other categories apply and no podium points. So in theory a rider could get 150 points from this event, but that's unlikely.

18. Let us know if we did good or messed up. Thanks.