Race Promoters

Race Promoters

The goal of the series it to get more people involved in gravel riding. As long as the sport is growing and events are filling up, more events will be added. We want to keep the series events to a common set of minimum standards. Some of these are to maintain a good rider experience while others are to allow us to compile the points and score the series. We don't want to get too serious about this whole thing but setting some basic expectations down first lets everyone know what game we are going to play. To have your race considered for the Series:

  • Be a Gravel Race in Nebraska or maybe just really close to nebraska( rules are meant to be bent)
  • Confirm race date by January 31st , Series sign up is during February only.
  • At least 30 people registered at least 4 weeks before event date, smaller than that and it's just a group ride. We will do our best to help get you over that threshold for new events. ( This does include our own TTT opener by the way)
  • Full course races only are included in the points series
  • Must have rain route option that avoids as much mud as is possible, some is unavoidable, but keep it to as little as is possible, y'all know the drill.
  • Provide course info 4 weeks prior to race the more time the better ( it will be kept confidential - for coordination of road clean-up efforts only )
  • If your registration limit has been reached, allow Series registrants with additional fee, during the points series registration window only (Feb 1-28). You can set a limit on how many additional registrants you will allow. They will be on a first come, first served basis. We don't want you to have field sizes that are too big for you to feel comfortable.
  • Provide race finishing placements ASAP!
  • Report riders who have been DQ'ed to us. Riders must follow the rules of the events they participate in. This is bummer stuff to deal with, but if you have rules they are there for a reason, please enforce them.

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