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100 points

  • September 8, 2018
  • Plattsmouth, NE
  • 107 miles

It looks like someone played hooky and got in some miles on acronym lesson day. You read that date right. 2018 is included in the 2019 Series. Our season runs from Gravel Worlds to Gravel worlds in order to let our local series champs take the podium with the largest audience possible. OGRE will kick off the 2020 Series again on September 7th of 2019. It's a little wonky, but don't worry - we got a grip on this. If you raced OGRE last year, we'll tally points from this race to see if it will be included in your top 4 races for scoring. Finishing bonus points apply as well as podium points and volunteer points.

If you missed it, no worries - you have NINE other races in the Series for 2019, just make sure you get a jumpstart on your 2020 series by hitting it this year!

RRR TTT See Results Here!

(150 points = 50 speed + 50 trash + 50 combined placing)

  • April 6 (Rain Date May 11)
  • Lincoln, NE area Start location TBD
  • 9am start
  • 3 pm collection weigh in and podiums
  • 30-50ish miles? Tbd (still figuring out the route)

This unusual Trash Time Trial is the first event of 2019 for the series, combining all three of the tenets of the Series: Ride Fast, Do Good, Have Fun. Not only will you race against the clock, you will also participate in the clean-up of the gravel roads along the course. The event has two halves, a go fast half and a do good half. Riders will set off from a yet to be determined start location as a group like a normal gravel event. We will have a short neutral roll out and then riders will set out for a common destination at the turn around point. The out portion is timed on a set route, time determines placing. Drafting is not allowed but this is on the honor system so police yourself. The return trip is a self navigated open route. This second leg is not timed but instead finish placing is determined by the quantity of trash collected. There will be overall winners in Male and Female categories for Speed out, Trash back and Combined overall categories.

Enter this event in the category you will be competing in the points series, or enter as a stand alone event to try out gravel riding. Finishing patches at the end, special awards for top placings in each of the 3 male and female categories. Proceeds go to fund the RRR series. REGISTRATION IS ONLY OPEN FEB 1-28. You MUST register for this race to be included in the Series, whether you can attend the TTT event or not! (They're kind of tied together, and as with all the races in the Series, you are not required to attend all of the events - just as many as you want to!)

(100 points)

  • May 25
  • Eagle, NE
  • 100 miles

Just a fun bicycle ride on the gravel roads in Cass Co./Eagle Ne. Come celebrate the 100th year of the American Legion. The ride will be a fundraiser to help send 2 youth (a boy and girl) to Nebraska Boys and Girls State. Also, we'd like to raise enough money to donate to the Summer Youth Sports Program in Eagle Nebraska. You can expect a small town grassroots gravel event with cue sheets, small towns, great gravel roads, a small town bar for our after party and awards ceremony. A true gravel roots style event, low key fun is the name of the game here so come prepared. Zero support, gas station checkpoint, gps routes highly unlikely. A Schmidty event with that deep gravel soul.

100 points

  • June 15
  • Malvern, IA
  • 63-ish miles

While Iowa isn’t known for mountains, you will find over 4,500 ft of climbing through the Loess Hills over this 100-kilometer event (or about 63 miles) Course is guaranteed to test your limits- including gravel, rolling hills and minimum maintenance roads- all coming together to showcase Iowa’s signature landscape. Be ready for some type 2 fun! This event is legendary for features like the bulldozer hill that have some of even the strongest riders reduced to walking. 100K of the toughest riding anyone will see in any season. Rafal has got this thing dialed in and turned up to 11, that's why we bend the rules on events being inside the state.

Registration is here: https://legacy.usacycling.org/register/2019-2031

(100 points) FULL, Limited entries available for series participants.

  • June 22
  • Malcolm, NE
  • 100 miles

The Solstice 100 Gravel Grinder is a new Midwest gravel grinder that starts and ends in Malcolm NE. This ride will journey through the communities of Raymond, Valparaiso, Loma, Brainard, Dwight, Bee and Garland. You will experience all kinds of gravel roads from flat to hilly and super hilly. And just because we know you want adventure, we will even throw in a few MMR's. The field will be limited to 100 riders . This is one of the classiest events around. Joe and his crew put on a great event, the finish line in Malcolm at Lippy's is a great place to hang even if your taking the week off.

(150 Points) Registration is open!

  • June 29
  • Chadron, NE
  • 100 miles

This Gravel Grinder is our Western-most race in the Series, and is sure to delight with a course done mostly on county roads in the Panhandle of Nebraska. It's a totally different flavor up there. We are hearing stories of possible singletrack out west along this route. We chucked in a helping of extra points for good measure. Hitch a ride or fill your car and head up north and out west (for most of us).

Husker Hundo

( 100 points)

  • July 6
  • Lincoln, NE
  • 100 miles

Do you like riding gravel? Do you like supporting a good cause? Did you go to the University of Nebraska? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this event is for you! The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cycling Club presents the Husker Hundo, a gravel event with a 100-mile, 100k and 25-mile routes, plentiful sag stops, swag, food, and more. From the preliminary routes we have seen this would be an excellent first century attempt. The area features smooth fast roads and a low-ish climbing profile. While the shorter events are not included in the series they would be an excellent challenge for those looking to try out gravel riding. It's their first year but they are learning quick.

(100 points)

  • July 20
  • Prague, NE
  • 100 miles

Join us for a cycling adventure in the beautiful rolling hills surrounding Prague... Nebraska! This area is affectionately known as the Bohemian Alps. It was settled in the 1870’s by Czech immigrants from Bohemia. Nearly 150 years later and the Czech heritage is still alive and well. The 100 mile courses traverses Saunders and Butler counties’ gorgeous gravel and dirt roads. It's a tough one to be sure. The course has been known to buck more than a few riders off their steeds. Steep hills, deep gravel, double track and super technical MMR just finishing this course is an achievement. This is a free event so make sure to send that post card in early and then make sure you buy a custom printed Tee or bandana to support these great folks Russel, Rhino and Gina. This is punk rock gravel.

(100 points)

  • July 27
  • Roca, NE
  • 100 miles

The Gold 100 mile route of this Gravel Race takes you through beautiful gravel roads around Lincoln. Part of the Cornhusker State Games. This event is known for changing it up annually. Always fun and well produced. Come shoot for your CSG medal or just have a fun day out on the gravel. Probably the event with the most on course support.

(scoring still being worked out, check back later)

  • August 17
  • Lincoln, NE
  • 150 miles

The 2019 Gravel Worlds promises an unparalleled challenge for the gravel enthusiast. The pirates are charting a route of approximately 150 miles and near 10,000 ft of climbing – adventuring through the rural farmlands of Southeastern Nebraska. This is the one that started it all. The 10 year anniversary event in 2019. Riders from all over the world converge on Lincoln to compete for the "world championship" of gravel. While the front 10% of riders are duking it out for a podium place most of the riders are challenged to simply finish the 150 mile course.

This is the culmination of the RRR series. Awards will be held on the Worlds podiums so don't miss out on this one. Even if you can't participate it's a great party at the finish line.

Full Course Series Events: (Scores the best 4 out of 10)

  • OGRE (Plattsmouth NE) – September 8, 2018
  • TTT
  • American Legion Post 197 Gravel Mission
  • Loess Hills Enduro
  • Solstice Gravel Grinder
  • Panhandle Pedal Grinder
  • Husker Hundo
  • Bohemian Sto Mil
  • Cornhusker State Games Gravel Grinder
  • Gravel Worlds

Short Course Series Events: (Scores the best 4 out of 6)

  • TTT (only one distance -counts for both!)
  • Solstice Gravel Grinder (50 miles)
  • Panhandle Pedal Grinder (38 miles)
  • Husker Hundo (63 miles)
  • Cornhusker State Games Gravel Grinder (50 miles)
  • Gravel Worlds (75 miles)